Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to the Adoption Think Tank

The mission of the Adoption Think Tank is to improve our parenting and practice in order to make healthy permanency possible both for children in foster care AND their foster and adoptive families.

It is my goal to connect therapists, child protection workers, foster and adoptive parents, homestudy workers, speakers, specialists, etc. to discuss pertinent ideas and issues. I would love to see all of the people I have met in this field from every arena getting together and connecting to discuss issues on how we can make things better for kids -- by changing the way we parent, by changing the system a little better, by changing the way we practice social work, etc.

If you're willing to serve on a panel of either professionals or parents, please let me know.


Blogger Terrie said...

Hello. I am Terrie an adoptive mom to 4. We have adopted thru foster care, and privately. We have also taken foster children that went back to their parents or a family member. And we also took care of emergency care kids all ages. And we also did foster care for teenages what an interesting and Yes fun experience for the most part. I am also an adopt america adoption specialist. I do have kids with special needs. I hope to see many use this avenue to gain information and assistance with the issues that face them.
Take care

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