Thursday, August 24, 2006


So, how will this site work, you wonder?

Well, right now I am building two panels, one of professionals and one of parents who will be on an email list. When a question is posted, it will go to them by email, and then I will post their answers. They can be completely anonymous ("an adoptive parent in California comments that") or completely non-anonymous (if that's a word) where your name and blog address or agency website can be posted.

"Experts" in the field can benefit by having their answer linked with their website or agency website to bring people to them. Parents who have blogs can grow their readership.

But the main goal is for everyone to put our heads together to discuss issues and come up with potential solutions.

So far, one day into the premiere, I have one parent on my parent panel, and one professional on my professional panel. We have a long ways to go, but I have big dreams for the site.


Blogger Becky Dornoff said...

I would like to interact with other people of different fields involved with adoption. Attorneys, social workers, therapist and other parents who are frustrated with the system as it is now. I am an adoptive parent and have been an adoption advocate for 18 years.beckyd

12:45 PM  

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