Monday, September 18, 2006

Deborah Hage's Thoughts on Sibling Separation

When the siblings have a history of unresolved trauma between them it is best that they resolve that trauma in their own family without the trauma of being retraumatized by their close physical relationship to each other.

Read her article Sibling Placement and Attachment and tell us what you think.


Blogger Susan said...

I have mixed feelings. I guess my concern would be who is the person who will decide whether the children have a functional bond. The foster/adopt parents who want to adopt the children separately? The CPS caseworker who may or may not see the child an hour a month? The court? A therapist who may come in and observe one or two visits and determine what is in their best interest? These are some of the hardest decisions we make- I believe at least (right up there with terminating rights). I fully expect within the next 10 years to see lawsuits filed against state agencies by children who were needlessly separated from their siblings. I've seen it done many many times when I did not agree that the children "should" be separated. I have also seen cases where they had to be separated. I guess what we have to come to terms with is that we rarely get to experience best case sceanarios and we have to do the best we can, with the knowledge we have at the time.

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