Monday, October 27, 2008

A Question for Large Families

We would like to hear more stories of large families and how big their houses are and where and how they put all the kids in bedrooms.   We currently have adopted 5 (1 is out of the house now) the other 4 are ages 4-13 (only have 1 girl) we’re in a 3 bedroom house & basement if ever gets finished we’d have 2 more, but our 13 girl stays down there already (she wants to).    We would love to adopt more children but think we’re running out of space (1 of our boys who is 12 is separated in his own room, because of possible sexually abused by birth parent/family).   We think of selling to find bigger but these days won’t get what we owe for our house, so can’t do that.   We live on 10 acres but also can’t afford to add on (I stay home with the little ones).    So just would like to hear stories about how everyone else fits the children in.   Also 3 out of the 5 for sure have “Fetal alcohol syndrome” possible our daughter does too but more mild then the boys.  The youngest was a Meth child and so far is just hyper. 


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