Thursday, August 24, 2006

Books with Reviews

QueenBee, fost-adopt parent and author of this blog states that the following book was helpful to her.

She states "I vaguely remember reading it at some point and getting a lot from it, helping me understand the child’s perspective. It talks a lot about “primal wounds” which I’m not a big fan of, but it was very insightful. It helped me a great deal in being more open to the birthfamily and in getting to know the birthparents as much as I could so I could later share information with the kids. I think the points mentioned in the book are especially important for kids from foster care. It seems so many parents who adopt kids from foster care might be tempted to expect the kids to be “grateful” because their new parents “saved” them or some nonsense like that.

She also points to the book

and wonders if it is too cheesy to say that she gets a lot of parenting advice from this book:

I told her it wasn't.


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